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From top left to right: Jesse, Murray Saltzman, Jean, Rae, Jack Eisenstark, Morris

Bottom row left to right: Sarah, Nona, Diane, Elias, Terry, Oscar.

The eldest child of Nona and Elias, Jessie chose a last name of Elison. You can gather that is a combination of Elias and Son and thus this name.


Rhoda and Nancy


The second child, Aunt Rae was the one who took care of her brothers and sisters as a second mother. 


Carole and Elliot

Aunt Rae Wedding Dress.jpeg

The fourth child of Nona and Elias, Jean was a vibrant and loving mother and wife. She past at the young age of 102 1/2. See her videos.


Philip, Roberta, Audrey and Eddie

aunt jean-crop-u2563.jpg

Terry's name is actually Esther but a change in the name came about when my mother Esther joined the family.  

Terry is the 5th child.


Larry and Elliot

Aunt Terry Wedding Dress color.jpg

My father was the 6th child of the family. He was known for his sense of humor and interacting with his nieces and nephews.  His famous trick was removing his thumb from his hand.


Marty and Jean

Morris and Esther Wedding.jpeg

Sarah is the 7th child. She was very much into poetry and writing. As a matter of fact she started writing novels in her 80s. Links to her books and potential movie are under the Media tab


Eve, Marilyn and Steve

Aunt Sarah and Elliot.jpeg

The youngest son and 8th child, Oscar was very much into art, drawings, paintings and sculptures. See his writings of WWII in India and China & recorded stories. See Media and Publications.


Pearl and Joan


The youngest child and 9th child, she completed the family in a loving way. Her children, husband and family were so very important to her. See her family video from 1947


Ellen, Janice, Barry and Paul

Aunt Diane Nat Flower Table.jpeg


Sam was the third born of the nine children. Tragically, he died just before the age of 2.
A source of sorrow felt by all of the family but remembered throughout the years.

Born 4-16-1912

Died 2-18-1914

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