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Aunt Jean Drawing.jpg

Aunt Jean

The next oldest daughter and 4th child

Aunt Jean was the oldest surviving child and passed at the young age of 102 1/2. She lived independently in her own apartment and enjoyed the daily interaction with her children and grandchildren. 

As she grew up her artistic instincts created a young woman with the looks of Jean Harlow. She taught herself piano; she was a natural decorator but more so, she was full of life and love. Her four children adored her as did her nieces and nephews. Aunt Jean is poetry if anyone was fortunate enough to get her letters and poems. Aunt Jean is grace – she is beautiful, deep, illuminating all kinds of life’s moments with her unique touch of understanding, love, tenderness, lightness with her wonderful smile, laugh and sincerity.

While we write descriptive comments about each of the Aunts and Uncles, one way for you to fully understand the interaction of her and the family is in the video of her 100th birthday. There you will see and hear how we celebrated this wonderful woman.

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