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Photos, Videos, Social Media Links

This page will contain links below to a variety of photographs, videos and social media accounts of family members.



The Colchamiro Family in Florida circa 1947 at the wedding of my Aunt Diane. This is the video she made of that time and others through the years. She captured these events on the newly purchased 8mm video camera.  A legacy for us to share.

We have so many family members who are on social media and share their passions for the things that they wish people to know about them and their work.

First is a movie of our family from 1947 into the mid 50s. My Aunt Diane had an 8mm video camera and took these films. There are several sections of the movie, the first of Aunt Diane and Uncle Nat spent their honeymoon at the Blackstone Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. Other footage shows many of the family on The Ella, swimming and splashing at Menachem's Hole in Sheepshead Bay area. Moving on are family gatherings. Enjoy the compilation of movie that Aunt Diane and Uncle Nat took over the years.

Lost Weekend.JPG
Jesse 1.jpg

Uncle Jesse

The oldest of the siblings. This is a video/photo album of picture throughout the years.

Uncle Oscar

Uncle Oscar's 90th Birthday

Our family gathered for Uncle Oscar's 90th birthday party. It was held at his daughter Pearl's house

aunt jean-crop-u2563.jpg

Aunt Jean 100th birthday

The family gathered in New York City to celebrate Aunt Jean's 100th birthday.

Aunt Sara Head Shot.jpg

Aunt Sarah

A proflic writer, starting at age 80, of poetry, books and soon a motion picture greenlit by Universal Studios

Aunt Diane 8mm video
Aunt Sarah books
Uncle Oscar Video
Aunt Jean Video
Uncle Jesse Album
Pop In Brighton.jpg

Uncle Morris

The youngest son and a storyteller. He loved telling stories to children and recorded this for Ethan in 1981. Listen to the Butter Brothers which made up while driving children to a Nursery School each morning.

KKJSM Photo.png

Kehila Kedosha Janina Synagogue & Museum

Kehila Kedosha Janina (the Holy Community of Janina) is the only Romaniote synagogue in the Western Hemisphere. Romaniote Jews are a unique community of Jewish people whose history in Greece dates back over two thousand three hundred years to the time of Alexander the Great.

The congregation was first organized in New York in 1906 by Greek-speaking Romaniote Jews from the city of Ioannina in Northwestern Greece.


The synagogue is a designated New York City landmark.


Jean Weber.png

Jean Weber (Colchamiro)

My sister Jean celebrated her 75th birthday in 2019. It was a fun celebration and was at a favorite restaurant of hers.

Jane Pappas headshot.jpg

Jane Pappas
Oscar's grandaugher

Jane Pappas has studied opera at Juilliard. An audition tape for entry to Juilliard. She was a Senior, 17 Years old. She got in to Juilliard as the “President’s Pick”! That meant she was considered the top vocal candidate of ten chosen

She now pursues a medical degree.

Butter Brother Stories

Art, Music and Videos

Among our family are artists and musicians. Their social media connections for you to see and hear are below.

audrey schilt.jpg

Audrey Schilt
daughter of Jean

Artist, designer, and illustrator Audrey Schilt has a storied career. Worked with Ralph Lauren for 22 years as he built his fashion empire. She was his Creative Director of Collection, VP, before retirement. See National Arts Club Interview below.


Ethan Colchamiro
grandson of Morris

Ethan has done a wide variety of things in the field of art. Starting as an extra in film and TV; on to a comic book artist and graphic artist, which is his career today. Podcast on his favorite subject: Spiderman. Featured at his job as writer and graphic artist.

jonny hirsch.jpg

Jonny Hirsch
grandson of Jesse

Jonny Hirsch has been in the music business for a number of years, as a performer and music producer. There are several albums and YouTube videos showing his musical prowess, links below.

Matt Schilt.jpg

Matthew Schilt
grandson of Jean

Matthew Schilt p/k/a Matt Fingaz has a long history in the hip-hop game. He was one of the pioneers of New York's late 90s underground indie rap boom with his label Guesswhyld Productions.
Matt was one of the producers of the 1st Hip Hop Show at Lincoln Center,NYC.

Gen Colchamiro
Josh Warhit.png

Josh Warhit
Grandson of Diane

In this video recorded in 2017; L'Chayim: Josh Warhit, Lone IDF Solider is a fascinating story of his commitment and journey to Israel.


Growing up in New Rochelle, NY and a graduate of the University of Rochester Josh shares his story.

Elliot Leonard Jesse Colchamiro.jpg

Elliot Colchamiro
Grandson of Leon and Julia Colchamiro
Son of Morris and Sarah Colchamiro

All three of us, Elliot, Leonard and Jesse are on the Board of Trustees of the KKJ synagogue. You can see Leonard and Elliot in the PBS video,
"The City Concealed".

Elliot shared this along with photos from the Colchamiro Family gathering at KKJ in 2007.

russ colchamiro.png

Russ Colchamiro
Son of Mel Colchamiro and
Ferne Barishman

Leon and Bea Colchamiro

Writer of 12 Science Fiction Novels and Live Podcasts Host of Best-Selling and Award-Winning Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery & Crime Authors

sharon colchamiro.jpg

Sharon Colchamiro
Daugher of Roberta & Bennett Feigenbaum

Louis Feigenbaum and Morris Jewler

Transactional lawyer by day, Mixologist by night.

If you want to make cocktails, Sharon is the master.

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