Uncle Oscar

Uncle Oscar

Youngest Son

Uncle Oscar, a man of many experiences and talents, had a great love of art and history. His art is captured in these photos. 


















He served in World War II.  During his retirement he captured those experiences in words and photos from his time in India and China.

A look at a distant time through the eyes of someone who was not only there but kept these memories, we can now see the albums he created.  See the albums via this highlighted link.

The purpose of this website is to provide stories and oral histories of our many family members.  Whether the OGs of Aunts and Uncles to the current Gen Colchamiro they are linked to pages throughout this site.

One of the oral history recordings is from Uncle Oscar who provided us with his story of Mrs. Kaminsky and The Stage Coach Driver.  Below is the recording of that wonderful story.

07/14/98 as written by Pearl


It is easy to come up with a favorite story about my father, Oscar. (No, it is not the time Uncle Morris talked him into see-sawing on the third floor balcony and then got off! Oscar fell down 3 stories and cracked his noggin open!)


It is the story of Ocky and his friend, Yocky and the neighbor, Mrs. Kaminsky.


She found the two little boys up on the roof pretending to be stagecoach drivers-using the clotheslines as reins. Mrs. Kaminsky told them to get down off the roof because they could get hurt and Ocky told her to "Mind her own business!"


Mrs. Kaminsky told Nona, who came outside and yelled up to Oscar to apologize.  Oscar repeatedly refused. His mother tied him to the tree and told him he would remain there until his father came home unless his apologized. It was hours later...but just before his father came home from work, that Ocky backed down. He would apologize. At first, it was so low as to be inaudible. Finally, he said "I'm sorry."


His father never knew. And, he is still not sorry to this day!


That's my very favorite story!


This is the recording Uncle Oscar made of this story.

See a video of Uncle Oscar's 90th birthday which is available via our Media page.


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