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Uncle Morris

Middle Son

Morris Colchamiro was a great story teller.  As a matter of fact, all of the Colchamiro were great story tellers.  It is a trait that I admire greatly.


My father enjoyed children and especially his brother's and sister's children.  He would always engage them with in direct conversation and enjoyed telling them stories.


His sense of humor was well known within the family and a trait that I am happy to have inherited, or at lease, I am told.


While retired, at a rather young age, he decided to start a car service.  Part of the car service business was driving children.  Couple this with his love and drive and love of children he came up with The Butter Brothers.  The Butter Brothers were based on his brothers; Jessee and Oscar.


So without formal training, just being a dad and loving children, came the following that I invite you to listen to in part.

Morris Colchamiro


The Butter Brothers Stories

Back in the late 1980s my father sent me a cassette tape for Ethan and Danielle.  Since he did not get to see or visit with Ethan very often, my father sent Ethan and cassette tape to hear the famous (my words) Butter Brother stories.  These are stories he made up to tell children he drove to a Montessori School in NY when he worked at a car service.   The kids were ages 4, 5 and 6 year olds and were very noisy in the car.  He had the idea that if he told them a story they would listen quietly.  Thus began the Butter Brothers.


The recording you will hear was converted from a tape cassette to a digital format.  There is hissing due to the conversion and in the background is music and talk from a radio station my father was listening to while recording the stories.


My father loved children and was always eager to engage with them by telling stories and stimulating their imagination.  He loved to make children laugh and share ideas with them.  His stories stimulated children to explore the ideas he shared with them.


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