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KKJ Infrastructure Fund - Please Support Them

I read the February Newsletter of Kehila Kedosha Janina in which they ask for help in maintaining the synagogue building. As a source of both pride and a place to worship I believe they are an important part of our heritage. Our immediate family has benefited from their work on keeping our history as a family alive and also the core values of being a Romaniote Jew.

In the most recent oral history episode on our website, with Rhoda Elison Hirsch, she talks about Kehila Kedosha Janina and what a valuable place it is for her to visit and be a part of.

Their newsletter states: "Our historic synagogue building is nearly 100 years old. Thankfully it remains a center for Romaniote religious services and education on Greek Jewry. However, our aging roof has passed its lifetime, and we need to replace the roof to ensure our building remains waterproof and physically secure well into the future. We humbly ask you, our community and friends, to donate to our Infrastructure Fund to help us ensure we can make the necessary repairs and preserve our cherished Kehila. As one of only a handful of historic synagogues that are still active on the Lower East Side, our building remains a beacon for visitors to learn more about our unique community and our special neighborhood. Please donate today to invest in a strong future for KKJ. Thank you.

You can click on this button to make a donation to support them.

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