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Did You Know She Did This?

I was going through some papers I have of our family and I came across this article published in 2001 about Cousin Pearl.

Pearl has been in the "caring" field for most of her adult life. One of her attributes is listening to others and then help try and find a solution or provide comfort.

This was one of those times. The caption of the article is how she helped a young Ecuadorian girl get to America for a treatment of a life-threatening illness.

This is not the only time I have learned of her intervention in helping people. I suppose it is a life calling that she helps family and strangers alike.

We are grateful to be part of her family and know that she is still doing the work that so many just hear about. She is an activist in the cause of helping people, whether they be family; patients in her practice or soldiers and their families in Italy where she worked for several months. It is all the same mission, helping.

I would say mission accomplished and is still being accomplished.

Thank you Pearl.

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