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How to make Calsonyas

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

One of the most revered dishes in our family is Calsonya. It was a dish our grandmother Nona made. As mentioned in my blog about it, on August 11, 2021, all of the family, adults and children alike could not wait until it was announced that Nona has made Calsonya. If you watch family mysteries there are parts when family members try to situate themselves to be with main character, in this case Nona, just at the right time. If word went out to family members, they would soon show up at her house since we all lived in the same neighborhood. They would say to Nona: Oh, you made Calsonya. May I have some? Of course they knew very well Nona had just made Calsonyas and it was a coy way of getting some. It was a fun part of the interaction with her. She smiled and most probably knew what was going on.

We are fortunate to have Rhoda Hirsch make a video of the process using an original rolling pin that was Nona's. The recipe on is on the recipe page if you want to see the ingredients.

Video below

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