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Jelly Fish, Minnows & Wonton Soup

Updated: Aug 14

My father communicated with our family in Illinois via cassette tape. This well before the internet. Of course there were phone calls but one of his favorite things to do was record stories and send it to us. In this particular story it is about the day I almost drowned.

We often went to Uncle Jesse's boat, The Ella. It was moored in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

where we spent many a week-end. As a matter of fact the whole family gathered at the boat and then traveled to a site which was called Menachem’s Hole. It was discovered by a friend of Uncle Jesse. It was a place where you could drop the anchor and then swim and walk on the beach area on the shore.

This one incident revolved about my adventure on the boat which was tied to the dock. While the family went to the stern of the boat I remained at the bow. Listen to the story my father and I recorded about the time I almost drowned.

Please be careful if you enact my adventure and make sure to ask for ice cream if you do.

If you want to see what it was like to play on the Ella and how the family enjoyed the swimming hole we always dropped anchor at, see the video below.

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