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Happy Halloween

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Halloween is one of the favorite times of the year and for so many. The holiday invites young and old to the experiences of imagination and magic. Costumes are easily had, especially now, at stores and online. In my time it was all hand crafted (whatever you can find and use as a costume) and fun to do.

This, of course, is my home made costume. I took oil painting lessons and had clothing with paint on it. I added many more splotches of paint to make this Halloween costume. My high school friends made their creations too. As a matter of fact, it was all home made from clothing they had.

Classmates Richie, Fred, Joe and Bob went out of their way to make these looks. Our female friends, Jill and Alice hosted the party at their house in Manhattan Beach. We listened to 45s and danced and laughed the night away.

It still remains a favorite holiday, so Happy Halloween to all.

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